We believe the healing of body, mind and spirit is accomplished with the help of caring people.

Leadership Development

The Fraser Center provides a variety of services to employers and employees.

Services to employers include:

1)Drug-Free Workplace Certification (entitles employers to a 7.5% reduction in Worker's Compensation insurance premiums) The Fraser Center can help an employer develop a drug free workplace policy, provide all of the training necessary for certification, and assist with the enrollment process.
2)Pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and random drug testing of employees (for companies requesting this service)
3) Supervisor, manager, and employee training and education in areas such as mental health, multicultural sensitivity, stress management, coping with change, improving communications skills, avoiding workplace violence, and many others. Training topics can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual companies.
4) Critical Incident Response and Stress Management
5) 24-hour on-call emergency service

If you have an emergency:  At this time we do not provide immediate crisis intervention.  Please call 1-800-715-4225 for assistance or 911 for emergencies.